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I’m Shane Rynhart, and Plastic Castle Magic is the latest in a long line of blogs that I’ve owned. On it I will write about things.

Why is it called Plastic Castle Magic? A few years back, I was involved in the creation of an alternate reality game (ARG) in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. It was called Operation: Sleeper Cell and was relatively sucessful. I acted as the head writer and story lead. One of the characters was a goldfish owned by an evil megalomaniac. Don’t ask. His blog (yes, he could type) was called Plastic Castle Magic. The title came from a Jimi Hendrix song called Spanish Castle Magic. Of course, I thought, many goldfish have plastic castles at the bottom of their bowls.

And with this tenuous connection, the first Plastic Castle Magic was born.

Unfortunately the domain has been lost into the depths of time, but I always liked the name. So here we are.

At the moment, this blog is mostly obsessed with the short story anthology I’m about to release, Not Quite Normal. There’s a dedicated page about it on Plastic Castle Magic – just click the thingy at the top of the page that says Not Quite Normal. Or click this, if you’re lazy.

I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me in several ways. Again, there’s a contact page above (or click this). Whether you just want to ask me a question, shower me with praise (or scorn, but I’d rather the former to be honest) or just chat, my inbox/profile is always open.

Many thanks for finding Plastic Castle Magic. Glug glug.

*  *  *  *  *


Here are 30 facts about the author of Plastic Castle Magic. There are 30 of them because he was born on the 30th of December. Mmm, tangental! In no particular order:

  • As far as I can tell, I am the only person in human history to have had the name Shane Rynhart. Which is incredibly cool.
  • I am losing hair at an alarming rate and will likely be bald within five years. This is less incredibly cool than the name thing.
  • I did creative writing at university. This fact is not particularly interesting. But it relates to…
  • I did creative writing at university. BY ACCIDENT. I needed more credits to pass my first year, so I took it. Best decision ever.
  • My favourite biscuit is the ginger nut. Preferably with a glass of cool milk.
  • My favourite film is Serenity, the sequel to the TV series Firefly. To say anything tops it is akin to blasphemy.
  • My favourite album is American Idiot by Green Day. Most people seem to take umbrage with this fact.
  • I appear to have become allergic to pizza. Which is odd.
  • I wish I hadn’t said I was going to do thirty of these things. Twenty more to go!
  • I’m Shane Rynhart, and Mass Effect 2 is my favourite video game on the Citadel. And Earth.
  • I passionately believe that the Harry Potter novel series would have been greatly improved by the removal of that idiotic epilogue.
  • I prefer American sports to British ones, by quite some margin.
  • If a film were made about my life (quite why, I don’t know), I would most likely be played by…some sort of actor.
  • I’m obsessed with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novel series. It has affected me deeply.
  • I dislike 99% of all poetry. That’s bad of me, isn’t it?
  • I’m a pen-and-paper RPG enthuiast. Mostly Dungeons and Dragons. Usually as Dungeon Master. I’m a control freak.
  • My first proper D&D character was called Mirak Lemard, a bald paladin. He was rubbish.
  • I love reading magazines.
  • I do not regularly buy a newspaper, but if I did, I would buy The Independent. That may tell you something about me.
  • I’m not very interested in politics, but voted Lib Dem at the last election. It made no difference, as I live in a Conservative safe seat.
  • I can drive, but don’t. Because I always crash. I wish I was joking.
  • I hate money. It scares me.
  • I firmly believe that The Beatles were the greatest band to ever walk the Earth.
  • If I ever directed a film (which I would love to do, someday), it would look like 28 Days Later crossed with Harry Potter.
  • I’m a perennial sleepwalker and sleeptalker. I once punched a wardrobe during one of these episodes.
  • I cannot count.

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