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Dreams have always interested me. I think it’s because you can’t understand them. They’re something ethereal; fantastic. You can’t touch them, even though they come out of your own mind. They really have no right to exist. If you had a choice, you would tailor a dream to your requirements, right? So why doesn’t that happen? Why does the brain feel the need to express itself in ways that are so…random?

I still remember quite a few dreams that I had as a child. The most memorable goes like this. When I was in Year 2 (so that’s, what, age 7ish I guess), I dreamed that at school we got to make our own t-shirts. Which we did actually get to do in Year 6, and I knew that at the time – there’s definitely a connection there. But in my dream, they weren’t just t-shirts. They were internal t-shirts. T-shirts that were under the skin and could be seen through the flesh. Kind of like a tattoo, I suppose. The only way these t-shirts could be worn was by following a very simple process.

The teachers would chop our heads off.

Then, in the 11 seconds that the head is still concious (I think I read something at the time that gave me that figure, it was probably a Horrible Histories about the French Revolution), they would very quickly insert the t-shirts and then re-attach the head. I saw this happen to a couple of classmates, and then it was my turn.

I put my head on the chopping block.

The axe came down.

And then I woke up. Obviously.

You always wake up when you feel pain in a dream, which is one thing that always annoyed me a bit about The Matrix (I know that’s not dreaming, but it’s close enough, damn it). Actually, there’s a lot that annoyed me about The Matrix, but it’s probably not best to dwell.

My mum used to have a recurring dream about spiders. It scared the shit out of her – I think it basically involved her being chased by a gigantic one. The funny thing is, though, that she hasn’t had it for eight years – when we moved into our current house. Which I still find really freaky.

Anyway, I bring all this up because I’ve been having a recurring dream recently, and a weird one at that. I’ve had it twice in the past three nights. It’s slightly different the second time around, but the theme is more-or-less the same. Actually, God, I’ve just realised, I had another similar one a couple of weeks back too.

Basically, I go to a theme park with some people. I don’t know who they are, but they’re certainly not family or friends. The theme park is abandoned. There are cobwebs and overgrown grass and shrubs everywhere. All the rides are rusted and boarded up. Kind of post-apocalyptic, I guess.

And I just walk around it. That’s all the dream is. Me and a couple of strangers walking around an abandoned amusement park, looking at things and having inane conversations about the weather and what the hell those coloured stones are meant to be. And then, after what feels like half an hour or so, I wake up.

For all I know, I’ve had the same dream hundreds of times and just forgotten. I find that people only really tend to remember dreams that happen just before they awake. There’s probably a reason for that, but I don’t really care, to be honest. It’s still interesting, though.

I decided today to do a quick look around and see what this said about me. This is what I’ve found:

“To see or be in an amusement park in your dream indicates that you need to set some time for more relaxation and enjoyment in your life. The rides, booths and elements in the amusement park are an expression of some aspect of yourself or some area in your life. Look up the symbolism of specific rides for more details. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are too easily distracted lately.

To dream that the amusement park is empty or abandoned suggests that you need to open yourself to more fun and adventure.

To dream that the rides at the amusement park are breaking down means that something in your life is not going as expected.

To dream that the amusement park is closed suggests that you are denying yourself your time for fun and leisure. You need a break”

I should probably correctly attribute that, but I found it on my lunch and just emailed it to myself and forgot to add a link. Cool story, bro. I’m sure it was from this site though.

So I apparently need to ‘open myself to more fun and adventure’ or something. If it’s even true and it actually means anything. I guess I probably do. But then again, I oddly quite like this dream. It’s just sort of…I don’t know. It feels like something only I could dream about. Clearly that’s not true, but I’d like to think that.

Maybe it does mean something significant. Maybe my brain’s trying to tell me something. Something profound that could have a long-lasting effect on my life.

Or I could be eating too many Mini Cheddars before bed. Either or.


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