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I’m bored and have nothing to do so I thought I might as well make a blog post and see what comes out of the end of my fingers and winds up on my iPad’s screen.

I’m in exile, you see. Ordinarily I spend my evenings in my bedroom, usually either surfing the interwebs (and occasionally doing something a little bit productive while I’m at it) or playing some sort of video game (game of the moment: Madden NFL 12, despite its general averageness).

Except on a Tuesday. Or sometimes a Wednesday.

Because on those days, European football takes over my room.

My dad goes in there to watch the week’s Champions League matches, a hobby that no-one else in the house is really that interested in.

As such, my mum doesn’t like him watching it on the main TV in the living room (it classes with Holby City), and I bear the brunt by having to evacuate or DIE. Well, not really.

Frankly, the Champions League and Holby City hold about the same level of interest for me. Which is approximately 0.01% (especially since the cute redheaded nurse was killed off a few months back). Which is why I’m writing this blog. Good, innit? Except now my iPad is starting to run out of juice so I’m probably just going to have to watch Holby. Great!

Oh well.

Before I do though, I might as well mention that I’m going to be entering NaNoWrimo again this year. Yes, I’m going to be attempting to write a fifty thousand word novel in thirty days. Again. I must be mental. Hopefully this year I might make something, y’know, readable. Stay tuned for updates.

Bye then.

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