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I’m Terrible At Blogging

I really am.

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to start a blog, but every single time it has failed. I think it’s mostly because I can’t make my mind up about what to write most of the time. Should I be more serious? Should I try to be funny? Should I keep everything to a particular theme? Every time I come upon those questions, and every time I simply cannot answer them. So I can’t promise that this time will be different; that would be foolhardy. But, y’know, it might be fun.

So hi.

I will probably make an ‘About’ page with this kind of thing in it, but I’m just going to talk about myself and some of the stuff I might like to write about on here.

Interests, then. I really like writing. Fiction, I mean. If you already know me, you’ll probably know that. I’m probably not all that good at it, to be honest, but it’s the one thing that I’ve always enjoyed and felt that it could be the right direction for me. But man, it’s hard. Almost as hard as blogging. I might put bits about that on here sometimes, maybe some short stories, maybe some plugs about stuff I’ve written, that sort of thing.

But I do have plenty of other interests. Many of them involve sitting in front of a TV like a loner. Which I am, but that’s another story…

I’m a big gamer. Have been since I was about 4 and my dad bought me a Game Boy. That was pretty awesome. Then I went on to the SNES and quickly realised that I was a Nintendo fanboy. This continued until I got to about 13 and I finally went to the ‘dark side’ (I genuinely used to call it that) and bought a PS2. Since then I’ve owned every big console, and long may that tradition continue.

I love films and TV shows as well. Sci-fi is my bag, but if something’s good then I’ll like it. I might put a few reviews of stuff on here, I’ve always been interested in that sort of thing.

If you haven’t gathered, I’m a huge geek, and frankly I don’t care. I even play Dungeons and Dragons on a pretty regular basis. Not so much any more, admittedly, but I still love it. It combines pretty much all my other interests – writing, gaming and junk food all combined into one blissful Sunday afternoon. How can you say no?

I’m quite a big fan of music, too. But not live music. Truly, I could think of little worse. I know that probably seems weird, but just the thought of being in the crowd of a live music event makes me cringe just a little bit. Live albums? Great. Actually being there? I think I would vomit. I don’t cope well with crowds at all. I hate parties. I’m generally happiest in my own company (although I do have some of the best friends in the world).

Anyway, rock music is my main interest. Among my favourite bands: The Beatles and Green Day on the more mainstream side, Coheed and Cambria and Sleigh Bells on the ‘who the fuck are they?!’ side. But I like a lot of other stuff as well. I think I am yet to find a musical genre in which there is not a single song I like.

Sports are traditionally not my thing. Apart from one season, from late 2009-early 2010 (purely because that year I bought my one and only edition of FIFA), I have typically had little to no interest in football, depsite every male in my family being a little bit obsessed with either Manchester United or Liverpool. Tennis I’m a casual fan of, but usually it peaks when Wimbledon’s on and I don’t follow it all that much for the rest of the year.

Recently, though, I’ve been getting quite heavily into American Football. Y’know, the one with the helmets and egg-shaped balls. It’s well good. I think I love its inherent binary opposition – it’s basically a chess match. A chess matched played out by BIG SWEATY MEN HITTING EACH OTHER VERY HARD IN THE FACE. And there’s absolutely nothing homoerotic about that last sentence, right? Cool. But please don’t call it a wimpy version of rugby or that it has no right to be called ‘football’. I might actually blog about that in the not-too-distant future, it really irritates me.

There’s other stuff I like as well, obviously. I’ll dip into a bit of everything now and then, when I feel like it.

One last thing – you might be wondering what the title and URL of this blog all means. About 20 people might get it/remember. Everyone else will just have to guess or make up their own custom answer.

I might try and blog something properly tomorrow. I’ll see. Thank you for sticking with me so far. Ta 🙂



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